The Stock Market Through Pictures - Technical AnalysisListen now | with Katie Stockton of Fairlead Strategies
Cathy Wood - To Catch A Falling KnifeListen now | U.S. Treasury Bonds Breach 3% and Warren Buffett

April 2022

The Mind Of A Champion - Nature Versus NurtureListen now (73 min) | Part 1 - The Cleveland Family Story
An Inverted Yield Curve - Why It MattersListen now (32 min) | Bonds are definitely something to avoid - Bill Gross aka The Bond King

March 2022

Aging Out Of The Workforce - Part 1Listen now (42 min) | An Inteview With A Labor Economist - Professor Linus Yamane
March 25, 2022
How History Repeats, and Why Real Estate Incomes Are Coming Down
Age, Sex, Race And Job Performance In The Work From Home Era
Mir Zenen Ale Aukrainyans - Yiddish Translation

February 2022

Are Commission Rates and Fees Too High?
The Origin
Rarely have I seen an investment professional critique and criticize another professional with such clarity and aggression on live tv. The last of this…