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Do You Love Music and Democracy? Vote.

Emily White - Entrepreneur, Writer, Music Manager, Advocate

Consider the impact of mobilizing a love for music, Big Data, and community engagement to increase voter registration and turnout.

Meet Emily White, a Founder of Collective Entertainment and the #iVoted Concerts and Festivals:

Support #iVoted

A passionate advocate on behalf of democracy, committed to increasing new voter registration and civic engagement.

#iVoted is a non-partisan 501(c)3 non-profit founded by entrepreneur Emily White, Mike Luba, and Pat Sansone of Wilco / The Autumn Defense.

#iVoted increases voter turnout by producing record-breaking events & activating entertainment venues to let fans in who show a selfie from outside their polling place or at home with a blank & unmarked ballot.

Cracking The Code - From Music Venue to Voting Booth

She has cracked the code - demographics and micro-targeting of music fans which pairs nicely with micro-targeting of voters and political engagement efforts.

Emily is a Visiting Fellow at Johns Hopkins and a planning committee member of the 2024 Elijah E. Cummings Democracy & Freedom Festival.


The Musicians Roadmap

In 2020, the first edition of How to Build A Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams was published in conjunction with a podcast.

The methods and techniques described have received widespread acclaim.

Emily White, author, on Native Angelino with Tom Levine

Episode Notes

00:30 - Introduction
02:25 - Who is Emily White?
05:15 - Grandma and Grandpa White - Swimming and Special Olympics
07:20 - History of #iVoted
16:30 - Living Above the Politics - Elijah E. Cummings Democracy and Freedom Festival
23:25 - How To Build A Sustainable Music Career
26:20 - Mining Revenue from Big Data
29:30 - Prince - Musical Genius and Entrepreneur
33:35 - Your Website, Pre-Orders and Bundles
38:05 - A Billion Streams
39:50 - The Living Wage for Musicians Act
48:40 - Know Your Numbers and Your Art
53:05 - Top Trending Artists - Not Who You Think
59:00 - Blockchain, AI, IP, and Smart Contracts
1:01:05 - The Cellist with 1 million followers

Mentioned in the Episode

We discuss streaming revenue and the range of payment per stream.

As an example, Taylor Swift was mentioned and the proper estimate of 2023 revenue is $100mm on 26.1 billion streams. That’s a very big number and a minor correction to comments made during our discussion.


beatBread - “Own your music, fund your career.”

bandcamp - “an online record store and music community”


Sports Management

Olympic medalists Anthony Ervin and Jay Litherland


Zoe Keating, The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, Noel Gallagher, Kinto Soul, Certified Trapper


No Studios , interior design by Everick Brown

Photo of Emily White - Credit: Adrian Buckmaster

About The Podcast Host

Tom Levine, leveraging a 25-year tenure in capital markets, leads Zero Hour Group and Native Angelino Real Estate, offering a suite of consulting, strategic analysis, and real estate services.

An alumnus of USC Marshall School of Business and the Claremont Colleges - Pitzer College campus with a term at the London School of Economics. Additionally, he holds a CADRE broker's license (#02052698) and the designation certified Short Sale Specialist under the National Association of Realtors.

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I consult on a range of transaction types and deal structures.

Native Angelino with Tom Levine
Native Angelino with Tom Levine
From a vantage point within sight of the Hollywood Sign, seated beneath a palm tree. Tom Levine takes you on a twisted, exploratory tour of popular thought, the upside-down theories of classical economics, politics and other strange things.
Tom talks all things Los Angeles, bright new ideas and complex topics of interest to creative thinkers and discerning skeptics.
L.A. locals state with pride, "You can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon". Well, if you get a really early start, it's true. Sometimes.
Los Angeles is the City of the Angels and Tom Levine is a Native Angelino.