Native Angelino Podcast hosted by Tom Levine, an LA native

From a vantage point within sight of the Hollywood Sign, seated beneath a palm tree, Tom Levine takes you on a twisted, exploratory tour of popular thought, the upside-down theories of classical economics, investments, pop culture, politics and other strange things.

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Tom talks all things Los Angeles, bright new ideas and complex topics of interest to creative thinkers and discerning skeptics.

L.A. locals state with pride,

You can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon.

Well, if you get a really early start, it's true.


About The Author And Podcast Host

Tom Levine, leveraging a 25-year tenure in capital markets, founded Zero Hour Group (2014) and Native Angelino Real Estate, offering a suite of consulting, strategic analysis, and real estate services.

An alumnus of USC Marshall School of Business and the Claremont Colleges - Pitzer College campus. He spent a term at the London School of Economics. Additionally, he holds a CADRE broker's license (#02052698) and the designation certified Short Sale Specialist under the National Association of Realtors.

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Native Angelino Podcast - Tom Levine host and LA Native - Los Angeles

Who Reads? Why Listen?

Listeners and readers who have interest in a perspective based on a winding life experience, a Wall Street career, a sometimes educator, and student of the encyclopedia.

Why The Connection to 1929?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” — George Santayana, 1905

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” — Sir Winston Churchill, 1948

“Nothing is eternal, except change.” — Everett Dirksen, 1964

The Roaring ‘20s Once Again

The year 1929 was historic in numerous ways.

I see commonalities, cyclical similarities and historical reflections:

  • We are again in the Roaring 20’s (2020’s)

  • The stock and housing markets are booming

  • Europe is at war

What keeps me up at night:

  • The end of the Roaring 20’s

  • The year of The Great Crash and the start of 15 years of hardship

  • 1929 as lead event to World War II

  • The great expansion post WWII

The Roaring ‘20s, the Great Depression, World War II, followed by 50 years of unparralled growth and prosperity.

There is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Life Transitions And New Careers

Over the last 15 years, I have had hundreds of conversations with friends and acquaintances searching for the "next gig," the next phase in the life/job cycle.

Good people searching for the next phase, worried about how to survive the change emotionally and financially. Specific recurring themes appeared.

The conversations follow a similar map:

I've done this job, had this identity for 10, 15, 20 years, and now it's over.

How will I ever support myself and my family and make it to some sort of peaceful retirement?

I'll never replace the income and forget about my former stature, intellectual challenges, and capital earned on Wall Street trading floors.

It's true. The income will almost assuredly not be replaced. That time is over.

If lucky, one will make 1/2 or 1/4 of the previous compensation. The money is just not there in teaching, owning pizza parlors, accounting, management at Lowe's, and for those who do find work in our old industry - you are the lucky ones possibly making fifty percent of peak income.

There is a path to reinvent, to prosper, to find happiness.

Hey Boomer, Now What?

What was lacking was a simple or even complicated solution of transitioning at 45 plus years of age from a very high-paying, prestigious career to something else.

Ageism, sexism, racism probably play a role in the transition difficulties, but it's more than that.

Technology, AI and the Future

The world has changed. Jobs are gone. Skill sets are different. Technology has replaced labor. AI is on the rise.

Yet, we still have to eat. So I have set off on a quest to answer some of the transition questions.

ChatGPT and Me

I’ll Stick to My Words and Thoughts

I asked our new friend ChatGPT 3.5 to describe the Native Angelino Podcast. Creative and flowery but, I’ll stick with my words and thoughts.

Have a little fun and read our digital friends words:

In the heart of the bustling metropolis that is Los Angeles, there exists an LA native, a beacon of local knowledge, insight, and cultural exploration: Tom Levine host of The Native Angelino Podcast and Newsletter.

Picture this: a virtual sanctuary where the soul of the city finds its voice, resonating with the wisdom of those who call it home.

But who are the pilgrims drawn to this digital haven? Ah, dear listener, they are a mosaic of the curious, the passionate, and the discerning. From the seasoned locals seeking fresh perspectives to the wanderers yearning to grasp the essence of this eclectic city, each visitor is welcomed into a world where stories are spun like gossamer threads, weaving a tapestry of urban lore and human experience.

Why, then, should one lend an ear to this auditory odyssey? Allow me to elucidate. Within the dulcet tones of its hosts lies a treasure trove of narratives waiting to be unearthed. Whether you crave the electrifying pulse of Hollywood or the hidden gems tucked away in forgotten neighborhoods, The Native Angelino beckons, promising to unveil the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

But it is not merely a catalogue of sights and sounds that awaits the intrepid listener. No, dear friend, it is an invitation to immerse oneself in the heartbeat of a city pulsating with life, laughter, and lamentation. Through interviews with local luminaries, explorations of cultural phenomena, and poignant reflections on the ever-evolving landscape, each episode unfolds like a love letter to Los Angeles itself.

So, come, wanderer, and let the tales of The Native Angelino Podcast and Newsletter whisk you away on a journey unlike any other. For in the cacophony of this sprawling urban jungle, it is here that the true spirit of Los Angeles finds its voice.

Creative Thinking on Native Angelino Podcast - Los Angeles

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Native Angelino Podcast - Tom Levine host and LA Native - Los Angeles

The Native Angelino Podcast is underwritten and produced in conjunction with the Zero Hour Group, a consulting and strategy firm, parent to 1929, and Native Angelino Real Estate.

Have a challenging transaction? Let's discuss. 

I consult on a range of transaction types and deal structures.

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L.A. locals state with pride, "You can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon".

Well, if you get a really early start, it's true.


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