Apr 14, 2020 • 18M

Flash Update - The CARES Act hits a wall

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Tom Levine
From a vantage point within sight of the Hollywood Sign, seated beneath a palm tree. Tom Levine takes you on a twisted, exploratory tour of popular thought, the upside-down theories of classical economics, politics and other strange things. Tom talks all things Los Angeles, bright new ideas and complex topics of interest to creative thinkers and discerning skeptics. L.A. locals state with pride, "You can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon". Well, if you get a really early start, it's true. Sometimes. Los Angeles is the City of the Angels and Tom Levine is a Native Angelino.
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Following a day ripe with rumors of funding shortfalls, the Small Business Administration (SBA) confirmed via email that program changes and benefit reductions are a near certainty. 


About The Host

Following a 25 year career in capital markets, Tom Levine founded Zero Hour Group in 2014.

The  Los Angeles, Califo…

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